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Listing Name:
Ellis tickets
Season Plan:
Full Season (2022)
(81 total games)
Seats Per Game:
2 - 4
Price Level:
1st Base Field Box
Section / Row / Seat:
140 / 23 / 11
140 / 23 / 12
140 / 23 / 13
140 / 23 / 14
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
Payment Method:
Delivery Method:
My Cardinals Tickets
Offer Minimum:
2 games
Aisle Seating:
OK. THE SEASON STARTS IN A WEEK. FLASH SALE. AVAILABLE TICKETS ARE NOW $30 EACH. PLEASE READ THIS PARAGRAPH TO UNDERSTAND OUR SEASON TICKETS PARTNERSHIP. I currently share 2022 season tickets with 16 partners who have between 36 and 4 tickets. Many of my partners have shared these tickets for many years. Some have been doing so for a few years. I manage these four tickets to 81 home games in a fashion that promotes long term partnership. In January, partners tell me what games they want, number of tickets per game (two or four), and any preferences and constraints. They provide me with more requests than tickets actually wanted. I then divide up the tickets, and we make revisions in late January. Partners pay for their tickets by February 15 as I must pay my credit card statement that month. This listing is for the 13 leftover games in 2022, some with 2 tickets and most with 4 tickets. I charge $50 per ticket which is one dollar more than I pay the Cardinals. I do not vary the cost for opponents or days of the week. The seats in section 140, row 23 are under an overhang in the shade and out of the rain. You can see the entire field well, and even call balls and strikes better than the umpire! You must purchase at least two tickets to two games to join our partnership. Joining the partnership gets you in on the distribution (again at only a few dollars more than my cost) of any postseason tickets. The Cardinals also offer for sale complete sets of promotional giveaway items to season ticket holders. I will transfer digital tickets to all partners sometime in March to their MLB Ballpark App on their cell phones. Thanks.
  • game ready view from section 140
  • old friends view from section 140
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
Date Opponent Section / Row / Seat Price

This listing currently has no tickets available for sale.

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    Where do I see your answer?
  • Unfortunately, my long answer and invitation to participate must be reviewed by the Cardinals. You will see it once approved.
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    any opening for 2023 tickets, looking for 20 games would want mostly weekends. Fir-Sun. not local
  • Thanks for writing again. Sorry I did not get back to you in September as the Cardinals were creating excitement with the three "legends" and a division lead. The postseason run was disappointing, but the team did appear again and had a good 2022. I managed my four season tickets with 20 partners in 2022 who buy between two tickets to two games and four tickets to ten games. Everyone who wants postseason tickets gets at least two tickets to one postseason game. I have started inviting partners (mostly by seniority) to attend opening day with my wife and I. My wife and I attend about 16 to 18 games per season using two tickets for most of these. To build a schedule, partners send me requests for games (more choices than games actually wanted) in January and I put together the schedule by early February. Partners pay me by mid-February. I charge partners what I pay the Cardinals plus an extra $1.50 per ticket. I have partners from four states, and one partner can only attend weekend games (up to ten games, usually four tickets per game). I use this Cardinals service (Split Season Tickets) to help sell leftover games and find new partners. Many of my partners have been partners for a bunch of years. I remain flexible with scheduling, making changes, and communicating. So, maybe I can do ten weekend games for you in 2023, but would need to have some or all of these games be two-ticket games. And, I could not promise specific weekend dates until I start sorting partner requests in January. Let me know if this all still interests you, and I could ask my season ticket account executive how to fit you in to the Split Season Tickets format constraints relative to our communication. Thanks again. p.s. Our four seats in row 23, section 140 are under an overhang, out of the sunshine, and out of the rain.
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    Taking new partners for next season? Moving to area and looking for option to get partial season tickets and maintain opening day and playoff opportunities.
  • Hi. See my answer to your October question. Sorry I did not respond earlier.
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