St. Louis Cardinals

1 of Best since '86, Aisle seats 1-4 covered just to right of home plate.

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Listing Name:
1 of Best since '86, Aisle seats 1-4 covered just to right of home plate.
Season Plan:
Full Season (2014)
(81 total games)
Seats Per Game:
2 - 4
Ticket Category:
Home RBC
Section / Row / Seat:
247 / 10 / 1
247 / 10 / 2
247 / 10 / 3
247 / 10 / 4
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:
Payment Method:
Cashier's Check
Delivery Method:
Certified Mail
Offer Minimum:
5 games
Looking for new partners to purchase at least 2 tickets to 5 games. Total of 15 games with 4 tix each are available. We will work with you!

We use sequence draft with equal chance at all tix. We all pay $59 per ticket. You will have same opportunity to purchase playoff tix. Seats are truly undercover just steps from Redbird Club.
  • A couple of us awaiting "Play Ball!"
Games Available:
Price Per Ticket:

How will my games get determined?

For this listing, you would offer to purchase a certain number of games and tickets from the Season Ticket Holder. The actual games and tickets you would get would be determined at a later date using the the following method:

Sequence Draft
Games will be allotted to partners based on chronological order of the games in season. Each partner will be assigned a number in a sequence then each game in the season will be assigned based on the sequence. The partner first in the sequence will get game number 1, the partner second in the sequence gets game number 2, and so on. The sequence repeats until all games have been selected.
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    Do you still have tickets for this season?
  • Yes, we do! Here are dates...and additional tix may be available after March 28th 4/29 - 2 tix May 18 - 2 tix 6/3 - 4 tix 7/5 - 2 tix 7/6 - 4 tix 7/9 - 4 tix 7/10 - 4 tix 8/2 - 2 tix 9/2 - 4 tix
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    do you have any games left?
  • Yes we do! 4/29 - 2 tix 5/18 - 2 tix 6/3 - 4 tix 7/5 - 2 tix 7/6 - 4 tix 7/9 - 4 tix 7/10 - 4 tix 8/2 - 2 tix 9/2 - 4 tix Thanks for your interest
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    How does the sequence draft work? Would you consider selling five games (two tix) independent of the draft?
  • First, my apology for missing this question. We use sequence draft because it evenly deals out the season's tickets into 8 positions of 10 games w/4 tix. In the off-season, partners purchse 1/4, 1/2 or whole shares. This gives each position a fair share of Cubs, Weekend, etc games. Partners get their positions by luck of the draw, and everyone is hooked up via email, etc to make swapping and trading tix as easy as possible. 5 Games w/2 tix is 1/4 position, so you would be in sequence draft for Post Season Tix. We have games available if you are still interested. Thank you so much.
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